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Understanding Medicaid in Louisiana

Louisiana Budget Project has created two new resources aimed at helping lawmakers, the media and the public better understand the state’s Medicaid program.

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Louisiana has an opportunity to boost health outcomes for children

Louisiana has made great strides in providing health coverage for children in recent years. But the state still lags behind the rest of the country on some key quality measures, which could be improved with strategic policy changes.

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Stagnant funding prevents Louisiana from fully investing in teachers and students

Louisiana public schools have lost out on billions of dollars over the past decade since state policymakers stopped providing annual cost-of-living increases to local school districts. That has made it harder for districts to keep up with rising costs, and widened the funding gap between rich school districts and poor ones.

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Louisiana public school teachers are not paid enough—average teacher pay in the state is $1,711 below the Southern regional average. Now, with Gov. John Bel Edwards set to propose a $1,000 teacher pay raise in his executive budget, an “unusual alliance” of public education groups is coming together to discuss the issue in nearly a dozen town hall-style meetings across the state ahead of the legislative session opening in April.Read more...

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Our Two Cents Blog

Quality education means quality teacher pay

Posted on February 13, 2019

BATON ROUGE – Public school teachers and support workers in Louisiana are long overdue for a pay raise. A decade of financial stagnation means the average teacher would need to earn an extra $4,004 to have the same buying power as their salary did in 2008.

But as state policymakers consider the first across-the-board teacher pay raise in a decade, they should be mindful of the wide pay gaps that already exist between different school districts, and seek to prioritize the poorest districts. They also should ensure that teachers and support workers are able to keep up with the rising cost of living by providing annual pay adjustments.

A new report by LBP’s Neva Butkus tracks teacher pay in each of Louisiana’s school districts, and how it has evolved since the last time teachers received annual cost-of-living adjustments. Read more

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