Safety Net

Every Louisianan needs quality health care, affordable food, safe housing — and a safety net to turn to when the unexpected hits. With Louisiana’s high rate of poverty, ensuring that all Louisianans have access to the essentials is even more critical. More than half of the state struggles to earn enough to take care of their families’ basic needs, and nearly a quarter of Louisiana children grow up in poverty.

Safety net programs such as SNAP, WIC, TANF and Medicaid offer a lifeline to those who are struggling. And they work. Safety net programs are effective at reducing poverty and helping to ensure people can make ends meet, even during tough times.

But these programs only work if the people who need them don’t face barriers to getting the help they need. Putting up roadblocks and making cuts to safety net programs only pushes Louisianans deeper into poverty.

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They include details about safety-net programs like Medicaid, tax credits for low-income workers and educational scholarships and help promote a better understanding of how safety-net programs affect different communities across our state.
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