April 28, 2017

Next steps on tax reform

The House Appropriations Committee will release its version of the budget on Monday and it’s expected to contain millions of dollars in cuts, though where those cuts will fall remains a mystery.

Number of the Day

$19.60 - Value of federal minimum wage in 2019, had it kept up with economic productivity growth. SB 153 would establish a Louisiana minimum wage of $8.50 in 2019. (Source: Economic Policy Institute)
March 15, 2017

Louisiana hospitals “deeply concerned” about AHCA

The Louisiana Hospital Association and the Metropolitan Hospital Council of New Orleans released a joint statement Wednesday laying out concerns with the House Republican health care proposal.
January 31, 2017

Jan. 31: Louisiana reactions to travel/refugee ban

The worldwide tumult caused by President Donald Trump’s recent executive order halting travel from seven majority-Muslim countries is also being felt here in Louisiana.
December 14, 2016

Dec. 14: Revenue Estimating Conference punts

Louisianans will have to wait at least another month to learn the true depths of the state’s mid-year budget shortfall after a revenue forecasting body deadlocked on Tuesday.