Terry Landry

May 19, 2017

LSU’s crumbling library

Gov. John Bel Edwards toured the crumbling Middleton Library at Louisiana’s flagship university and made a pitch for reinvestment on Thursday.

Number of the Day

$51 million - Additional federal flood recovery money heading to Louisiana, bringing the total allocation to about $1.7 billion. This total is less than half the request from Louisiana’s congressional delegation. (Source: The Advocate)
April 3, 2017

Investments vs. Cuts

Last week, Gov. John Bel Edwards released his plan to cover both the $440 million shortfall for the coming fiscal year and the looming fiscal cliff - now estimated at almost $1.4 billion.

Number of the Day

$1.2 billion - Amount of federal flood relief aid approved for Louisiana last week (Source: The Associated Press)