state income tax deduction

May 25, 2017

Looking for leverage

Looking for leverage in the ongoing debate over Louisiana’s budget shortfall and the impending fiscal cliff, a bloc of Louisiana’s Democrats struck down a construction financing bill, which requires a two-thirds vote in order to pass.

Number of the Day

23 million - Number of people who would lose health insurance coverage if the House-passed AHCA becomes law. (Source: Congressional Budget Office)
June 19, 2016

Eliminate the state tax deduction

By Jan Moller

With only a few days left before its June 23 adjournment, Louisiana’s Legislature seems unlikely to raise all the revenue needed to avoid deep cuts to education, healthcare and other critical services. But there is still time to pass a much-needed reform to our income tax system by repealing the ability to deduct state income taxes on state tax returns.… Read more...