October 9, 2017

Training tomorrow’s workers

Louisiana is very generous when it comes to providing college scholarships to traditional students who pursue four-year degrees directly from high school. But it is considerably less generous for everyone else - especially non-traditional students, people from low-income backgrounds and students seeking two-year associate degrees or skills training.

Number of the Day

$723.67 - Average weekly wages for production and “non-supervisory” workers in 2016 - which is 2 percent lower than in 1972, in inflation-adjusted dollars. (Source: EPI via The New York Times)
August 17, 2016

Aug. 17: Flooding brings infrastructure deficits into focus

Flooding brings infrastructure deficits into focus

As South Louisiana starts recovering from this week’s catastrophic floods, attention is also shifting to  unfinished flood prevention infrastructure projects. A diversion canal project, on the books for at least 16 years when several parishes approved a property tax, may have prevented some of this past week’s flooding, yet was never completed due to lack of funds.Read more...