Sanctuary cities

September 1, 2017

Governors’ bipartisan health care plan

Gov. John Bel Edwards joined a bipartisan group of governors on a plan to stabilize and strengthen the individual health care market.

Number of the Day

4 - Percentage of jobs that are unfilled in the United States, pointing to need for policies like expanded apprenticeship programs and connecting people with criminal records to jobs. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics via The Brookings Institution)
May 31, 2017

Another tax reform bill bites the dust

With the Legislature scheduled to adjourn in eight days, the chances of lawmakers agreeing on a solution to the $1.3 billion fiscal “cliff” in 2018 are increasingly remote.

Number of the Day

1,100- nonviolent offenders to be released from prison by next summer if the criminal justice package is approved without amendments (Source: Times-Picayune)
April 27, 2017

Senate votes to end juvenile life sentences

Children’s advocacy groups celebrated Wednesday as the Senate advanced a bill that would end sentences of life without parole for juveniles.

Number of the Day

70,000-  Number of former offenders on parole or probation in Louisiana who would gain voting rights if HB 229 by Rep. Patricia Smith is passed. (Source: The Associated Press)
September 27, 2016

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 – Narrowing the income gap

It’s no secret that the economic gap between America’s richest families and everyone else has grown ever wider since the 1970s. Less well known, however, is that the income gap has begun to narrow over the past few years.