Paul Demko

October 13, 2017

Sabotaging the ACA

Having failed to push a health care repeal bill through Congress, President Donald Trump used his executive authority Thursday to destabilizing health insurance markets in two significant ways.

Number of the Day

33 - Percentage of transgender Louisianans who reported living in poverty in 2015. (National Center for Transgender Equality)
August 17, 2017

Tax cuts for millionaires

Policy details aren’t President Donald Trump’s strong suit. His tax proposals, for example, were outlined on a single page handed out to reporters last spring.

Number of the Day

$387,510 - The average tax cut for Louisianans making $1 million or more per year under the tax proposals outlined by the Trump administration. (Source: Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy)
August 3, 2017

Trump may spike insurance premiums

While congressional efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act are on hold, President Donald Trump’s administration is still debating whether to cut off payments to insurance companies that have kept premiums affordable for millions of Americans who buy coverage through the individual marketplace.

Number of the Day

39,052- number of Louisianans who are employed at firms owned by immigrants. (Source: New American Economy)