Louisiana Medicare

October 29, 2013

Tuesday, Oct. 29

SNAP cuts will affect nearly 30,000 Louisiana veterans; LSU president makes case for more state support at Baton Rouge Press Club; Senior citizens get drug savings under the Affordable Care Act; The lasting impacts of poverty on the brain; and Tea Party discontent rooted in economic stagnation. $756 – The savings per person in Louisiana from an Affordable Care Act provision that reduces out-of-pocket prescription drug payments for Medicare recipients (Source: Nola.com)
May 7, 2013

Recent evidence continues to support expanding health coverage

A new plan is emerging in the Louisiana Legislature to extend health coverage using federal Medicaid revenue available as part of the health care reform law. Instead of simply expanding the current Medicaid program, the state would use Medicaid dollars to help uninsured adults buy private coverage.… Read more...