Louisiana flood

August 31, 2016

Aug. 31: Gas tax lags as infrastructure projects wait

Louisiana’s gas tax has been unchanged since 1990, and has lost much of its purchasing power since then because of inflation.
August 25, 2016

Aug. 25: Post-flood housing plan emerges

People displaced by this month’s flooding will have several housing options as they try to rebuild and recover, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced at a Wednesday press conference.
August 18, 2016

Aug. 18: Housing crisis in Louisiana

South Louisiana residents are beginning the arduous process of gutting and recovery.
August 17, 2016

Aug. 17: Flooding brings infrastructure deficits into focus

Flooding brings infrastructure deficits into focus

As South Louisiana starts recovering from this week’s catastrophic floods, attention is also shifting to  unfinished flood prevention infrastructure projects. A diversion canal project, on the books for at least 16 years when several parishes approved a property tax, may have prevented some of this past week’s flooding, yet was never completed due to lack of funds.Read more...