Justice Reinvestment Task Force

April 21, 2017

The latest on tax reform

The Legislature has completed its second full week of work, and no progress has been made on fixing either the $440 million shortfall for the coming fiscal year or the nearly $1.4 billion “fiscal cliff” the state is facing when temporary taxes expire in June of 2018.

Number of the Day

$1.5 billion - Cost to the state in FY 2019 if the sales tax rate was reduced to 2.03 percent and various exemptions were repealed. (Source: Legislative Fiscal Office analysis of HB 220)
April 12, 2017

Governor’s tax plan cuts taxes for most

The package of tax reforms proposed by Gov. John Bel Edwards would raise enough revenue to plug the coming fiscal year’s $440 million shortfall and avoid the $1.4 billion “fiscal cliff” that looms next year when temporary taxes expire.

Number of the Day

72- Percentage of Louisianans who approve of Medicaid expansion. Only 42 percent approve of the Affordable Care Act, which is the reason for Medicaid expansion. (Source: The Louisiana Survey via LSU)
March 31, 2017

CATerwauling on tax reform

Gov. John Bel Edwards released his tax plan on Wednesday, which is aimed at replacing $1.4 billion in revenue that falls off the books in 2018 while making Louisiana’s revenue structure more fair and predictable.

Number of the Day

46 - Percentage of Louisiana residents who think the state is heading in the right direction, compared to 40 percent who think we’re headed the wrong way. Louisianans are more optimistic than at any time since 2012 (Source: Louisiana Survey)
March 23, 2017

AHCA would be devastating for Louisiana’s finances

The House is expected to vote later today on the American Health Care Act, which would gut the Medicaid program and shift hundreds of billions of dollars in health care costs from the federal government to the states.