Jen Steele

August 8, 2018

Impending “public charge” rule sparks fears in immigrant families

Advocates are gearing up for a fight against a proposed rule from President Donald Trump’s administration that would make major changes to a long-standing immigration law.

Number of the Day

7.9 million - Number of U.S. citizen children who could be impacted by the Trump administration’s proposed changes to the “public charge” rule because they live in families with at least one non-citizen.  (Source: Center for Law and Social Policy)
April 3, 2018

New messaging, still no plan

State House Republicans still have no plan for confronting Louisiana’s $700 million-plus “fiscal cliff,” which will force cuts to health care, higher education, public safety and other priorities if not addressed by July 1.

Number of the Day

70 cents - Maximum hourly rate paid to state inmates who work at the Capitol and other state facilities. A bill that cleared the House on Monday would expand the type of work that inmates can perform. (Source: Times-Picayune)
February 8, 2018

Medicaid spending lower than expected

Louisiana’s Medicaid program has become a scapegoat for fiscal conservatives, who falsely blame the federal-state health care program for the state’s structural budget shortfall. In reality, state spending per enrollee is relatively low compared to other states and the Medicaid expansion is saving state general fund dollars.

Number of the Day

23.49- Percentage drop in Louisiana’s total enrollment in individual marketplace plans between 2017 to 2018, the largest drop of any state. (Source: National Academy for State Health Policy)