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Despite fears, Affordable Care Act will live up to its name

With major provisions of the federal Affordable Care Act set to take effect in just a few months, misconceptions and misplaced fears about the law continue to circulate. Most of these fears center on alleged increases in costs due to the law’s provisions. But the truth is that most Louisianans who have health insurance will notice little or no change come Jan. 1. At the same time, many of their uninsured neighbors and local small businesses will gain access to affordable coverage.

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LBP: Health-care prospects to improve

Louisiana Budget Project analyst Steve Spires wrote a letter to the editor of the Advocate Thursday, clarifying earlier claims by Blue Cross about health-care costs that consumers should know before the new law takes effect in January. Spires notes that most individuals will be shielded from premium cost increases due to new federal tax credits that will “allow thousands of uninsured, moderate-income families to afford private coverage for the first time, and will help reduce premiums for others.”

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