Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center

April 17, 2018

TOPS over health care

The House Appropriations Committee put its stamp on the state budget on Monday, and the message was clear: College undergraduate students matter more than low-income Louisianans who need health coverage.

Number of the Day

$1.6 billion - The budget cuts to health care, including loss of federal funding, in HB 1 as amended in House Appropriations. (Source: The Advocate)
April 2, 2018

Justice for all?

The criminal justice system in Louisiana was built on notions of racism and white supremacy, so it’s no surprise that the system continues to produce racially biased results.

Number of the Day

$18.54 - Hourly wage needed to afford a modest two-bedroom apartment in New Orleans, $3 more than the median hourly wage for renters in the city.  (Source: The Advocate)
September 1, 2017

Governors’ bipartisan health care plan

Gov. John Bel Edwards joined a bipartisan group of governors on a plan to stabilize and strengthen the individual health care market.

Number of the Day

4 - Percentage of jobs that are unfilled in the United States, pointing to need for policies like expanded apprenticeship programs and connecting people with criminal records to jobs. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics via The Brookings Institution)