Gender gap

February 20, 2018

Edwards seeks tax compromise

Gov. John Bel Edwards kicked off another special session of the Legislature on Monday - his fifth since taking office in early 2016 - by calling for his Republican critics to join him in a compromise plan to stabilize the state budget by replacing most of the tax revenue that expires on June 30.

Number of the Day

$49,244 - Average teacher pay in Louisiana, compared to $50,949 for the Southern region and $58,064 nationally (Source: The Advocate)
December 7, 2017

Deficit dishonesty

The Republican bill to cut taxes on powerful corporations and wealthy households will add at least $1 trillion to the federal debt - probably more - over the next decade.

Number of the Day

$30 million - The state general fund savings if Medicaid spending continues to come in below earlier forecasts. (Source: Louisiana Department of Health via Times-Picayune)
June 7, 2016

‘A new day’ after contentious end to session

The unsettled end of the 2016 regular session of the Louisiana Legislature may signal challenges ahead as the second extraordinary session gets underway.
April 9, 2015

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Barfield: Business loopholes sap tax revenue; Higher education on the chopping block; Mental health conditions going untreated and; Male professors paid significantly more than their female counterparts