Franklin Foil

August 21, 2017

Are colleges turning a corner?

It’s no secret that Louisiana’s colleges and universities often bore the biggest brunt of state budget cuts during the 2008 - 16 fiscal downturn.

Number of the Day

21 percent - Drop in the number of tenure-track professors in the University of Louisiana System schools from 2007 to 2015 - from 2,478 to 1,961 (Source: The Advocate)
June 2, 2017

“Austere” budget heads to Senate floor

The Senate Finance Committee put its stamp on the upcoming fiscal year’s state operating budget on Thursday, reversing a series of cuts to health services recommended by the House while keeping the TOPS scholarship program fully funded.

Number of the Day

138,000 - Jobs added to the U.S. economy in May. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics via The Washington Post)
May 26, 2017

Moving closer to a special session

There comes a time, in most legislative sessions, when things appear on the verge of a complete breakdown.

Number of the Day

$4.6 million - Projected revenue gain from House Bill 501, which would eliminate several state income tax deductions and replace the current three-bracket structure with a 3.95 percent flat tax on income above $12,500. (Source: Legislative Fiscal Office)
May 11, 2017

Leadership needed to fix tax structure

Louisiana’s tax structure is unfair, unsustainable and inadequate, LBP Director Jan Moller explains in a guest column for The Advocate.

Number of the Day

1.1 percent - First quarter growth in Louisiana’s gross domestic product (GDP). That’s slower than Texas (3.4), Alabama (2.2) and Georgia (1.8) but faster than Mississippi (0.1) and Arkansas (0.5) (Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis)