economic recovery

December 5, 2017

Louisiana is a low tax state

Louisiana residents want quality public schools, health care and strong state universities, but our state’s broken and inadequate tax system consistently leaves state lawmakers without enough revenue to fully fund those priorities.

Number of the Day

60 - percentage of people who oppose repealing the ACA’s individual mandate after learning that eliminating the mandate would increase premiums for people who buy their own coverage. (Source: Kaiser Health Tracking Poll)
August 30, 2016

Aug. 30: New Orleans streets – $5 billion to fix

A study of New Orleans roadways estimates it will take at least $5 billion to improve all the city’s streets enough to be rated in “fair” condition.
September 17, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Economic recovery not being felt by the middle class; Public defenders are grossly underfunded; Smaller vs. bigger vs. “better” government; Louisiana ranks 41st in Gallup “well being” index