February 7, 2023

A Path Forward for Louisiana Tax Policy

May 22, 2017

Budget hearings continue

Doubling down on a decade of cuts, Louisiana’s House-passed budget not only maintained cuts proposed by Gov. John Bel Edwards but deepened the pain for healthcare and children’s services by failing to allocate all available money.

Number of the Day

$120 - Additional amount Louisiana drivers would pay at the pump in a year, on average, if Rep. Steve Carter’s proposed 17-cent gas tax boost is approved. (Source: The Advocate)
May 22, 2017

A dubious “rural jobs” tax break

The Louisiana Rural Jobs Act Tax Credit Program proposed by House Bill 641 is intended to provide an economic boost to rural areas of the state. Unfortunately, the program would likely benefit a few well-connected financial firms more than Louisiana’s rural communities.Read more...

May 3, 2017

Reduced funding, low salaries put state’s most vulnerable children at risk

The department’s staffing has been reduced by more than 2,500 since 2008 - and many of those who are left have gone years without a pay raise. The average annual salary at the department is $44,349. That’s $5,317 less than the average DCFS salary in FY 2008 when accounting for inflation.