Louisiana should help working families with high expenses make ends meet by increasing the gross income threshold for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly, Food Stamps), according to a new policy brief from the Louisiana Budget Project

This policy option, which has been adopted by a majority of U.S. states and territories, would benefit working people who don’t earn quite enough to meet their needs but who currently earn too much to qualify for SNAP. The policy particularly benefits households with children and working parents. 

“For many Louisiana workers, SNAP is an important part of their household budget, helping to put good food on the table and freeing up family resources for other needs, such as rent and utility bills,” said LBP director of safety-net policy Danny Mintz. “But some workers on the lower end of the pay scale lose their benefits too early when their income rises just above the program’s eligibility threshold.” 

Thirty-five of the 53 states and territories that administer SNAP already give a boost to working families through this policy option, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 

“It’s just common sense that we shouldn’t cut struggling families off from grocery assistance when they don’t earn enough to make ends meet, but earn slightly too much for Louisiana’s low SNAP income cut-off,” said Mintz. “Louisiana’s families shouldn’t be penalized for their hard work.”

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