LBP Presents

This presentation by LBP analyst Steve Spires shows how Medicaid expansion will benefit Louisiana’s families, businesses, health care providers and the economy—all at little cost to the state budget.






“Tax Exemptions 101,” an audio-visual presentation, explores the pros and cons of Louisiana’s “hidden budget.”

View “Tax Exemptions 101” (the audio-visual version) here.





As state policymakers take an in-depth look at Louisiana’s 468 tax exemptions—the state’s $4.8 billion “hidden budget”—the Louisiana Budget Project has released a PowerPoint presentation and a one page primer to help the public understand this critical issue.

View “Tax Exemptions 101” here.





The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the topic of a presentation by LBP analyst Steve Spires. The presentation focuses on ways Louisianans will benefit from the health care reform.

View the “Louisiana and the Affordable Care Act” presentation here.





View “Louisiana Budget Basics” where LBP Director Jan Moller explains why health-care and education always seem to get hit hard during state budget cuts.

Watch “Louisiana Budget Basics” here.





View “Payday Lending in Louisiana” where LBP analyst Tim Mathis examines the predatory loan industry shares his findings on how it impacts Louisiana’s working poor.

Watch “Payday Lending in Louisiana” here.

*These presentations allow you to watch the PowerPoint while hearing commentary so be sure your sound is turned on.



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