Didja Know? Podcast

Didja Know? is the official podcast of the Louisiana Budget Project. The show focuses on interviews and discussions of the most important issues facing Louisiana, especially issues affecting low-to-moderate income families. Didja Know? is hosted and produced by Jamie Carson. All episodes will be available on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play shortly. In the meantime, please listen below or by clicking on the RSS feed. If you have any questions, ideas for future topics or would like to be a guest on Didja Know? please email us at lbp@labudget.org


In the inaugural edition of the Louisiana Budget Project’s “Didja Know?” podcast, we talk all things 2019 Louisiana Legislative Session. Our guests include three members of the LBP team who break down the important issues and pieces of legislation that our organization will be focusing on over the next two months. They include Jan Moller, Executive Director, Neva Butkus, Policy Analyst, and Davante Lewis, Public Affairs and Outreach Coordinator.