State Budget & Tax

March 1, 2022

A Recovery Agenda for Louisiana

October 19, 2021

LBP Guide to the 2021 Constitutional Amendments: Tax changes on the ballot

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The fall of 2021 is the quadrennial “off year” for Louisiana elections, when no statewide or federal offices are on the ballot. But voters still have very important decisions to make on Nov. 13, when they will consider four proposed constitutional amendments, in addition to municipal races in New Orleans and special elections for the Legislature.… Read more...

October 16, 2021

Amendment 2 analysis: Tax swap is not reform

Louisiana’s tax structure fails its citizens in two fundamental ways: First, it does not raise enough revenue to support people and communities by adequately funding good schools, reliable infrastructure and a strong safety net. Second, it is regressive – meaning low-income households pay taxes at higher rates than those at the very top.… Read more...

July 15, 2021

With Local ARPA Funds, Louisiana’s Advocates Can Build a Lasting Recovery

The first tranche of American Rescue Plan Act dollars have started making their way into state and local government coffers – and while the Louisiana Legislature has already appropriated approximately $1.6 billion of its expected $3 billion from the Rescue Plan, parish and municipal governments have only just begun conversations about how to spend their shares.… Read more...