Media Citation

July 11, 2013

LBP: Health-care prospects to improve

Louisiana Budget Project analyst Steve Spires wrote a letter to the editor of the Advocate Thursday, clarifying earlier claims by Blue Cross about health-care costs that consumers should know before the new law takes effect in January. Spires notes that most individuals will be shielded from premium cost increases due to new federal tax credits that will “allow thousands of uninsured, moderate-income families to afford private coverage for the first time, and will help reduce premiums for others.”
October 25, 2012

LBP on TV: “Tax Break Or Tax Broken”

Did you miss last month's "Tax Break or Tax Broken" episode on Louisiana Public Square? LBP's Jan Moller joins a panel discussion on Louisiana tax credits' returns on investments. Watch "Tax Break or Tax Broken" today!
October 22, 2012

WBRZ TV: LA Film Tax Credits Prove Costly

A new clip from WBRZ discusses costly film tax credits and its return on investment.

Here is an excerpt:
The director of the Louisiana Budget Project, Jan Moller, says while the state has been cutting money from health care and education, it’s also been spending more to subsidize the film industry.… Read more...

September 26, 2012

Tax Break or Tax Broken: Louisiana’s Tax Exemptions

Each year, Louisiana grants more than $4 billion in tax refunds, credits, incentives, exclusions, and deductions to corporations and individuals. Some entities receive tax rebates even if they don’t have a tax liability.