July 28, 2021

For many young immigrants in Louisiana, Medicaid is an option

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Louisiana’s Medicaid program provides life-sustaining health coverage for Louisiana residents who couldn’t otherwise afford the cost of care, including children from low- and moderate-income families. 

In recent years, however, Louisiana has seen declines in child health coverage.… Read more...

May 5, 2021

Louisiana can improve maternal health outcomes through Medicaid

Louisiana is facing a maternal health crisis. Our state has among the highest maternal death rates in the nation with Black and Brown women experiencing pregnancy-related death at three times the rate of white women. Our state is one of eight to receive an “F” grade on the 2020 March of Dimes Report Card.… Read more...

September 15, 2020

Louisiana loses ground on uninsured rate along with the nation

Reversing years of gains, the share of Louisianans without health insurance, increased to 8.9% in 2019 from a historic low of 8% in 2018, according to the latest federal data released this week. This loss in coverage translates to more than 400,000 Louisianans lacking basic health insurance going into the Covid-19 pandemic at the start of 2020. Read more...

July 2, 2020

Letter: Veto counterproductive eligibility checks on Medicaid patients