Daily Dime

January 13, 2020

Gov. Edwards and “the vision thing”

Gov. John Bel Edwards begins his second term today as the House leadership battle remains unsettled and many of his constituents are more focused on tonight’s action in the Superdome than the political intrigue at the Capitol. The Advocate’s editorial board notes that Edwards spent much of his first term getting Louisiana’s fiscal house back in order, and that he has laid out specific policy goals on education, transportation and other priorities.Read more...

January 10, 2020

Medicaid for the incarcerated

People who are incarcerated – both before a trial and after a conviction – are barred by federal law from accessing their full Medicaid benefits. This has placed an undue burden on local and state governments who are responsible for providing necessary health care to any incarcerated person in their care.Read more...

January 9, 2020

John White steps down

After eight years overseeing Louisiana’s public schools – the longest tenure of any state schools superintendent in the country – John White announced Wednesday that he is stepping down. White’s tenure was marked by conflicts with teachers’ unions, the implementation of new, more stringent standards for school achievement, and the wholesale changeover of public schools in New Orleans into independently operated charters.Read more...

January 8, 2020

Healthcare is too expensive

As the price of health insurance continues to rise, surveys find that making healthcare affordable remains a top priority for consumers on both sides of the political aisle. As policymakers consider how states can protect consumers, a new resource from Altarum Healthcare Value Hub, the Healthcare Affordability Scorecard, provides insights into how each state is doing, along with specific policy recommendations that can make a difference in the cost of care: 

Louisiana is in the bottom third of states in terms of high healthcare affordability burdens, with 47% of adults reporting healthcare OOP (Out-of-Pocket costs) affordability burdens, giving the state a rank of 41 out of 49 states, plus DC, for this measure.