Changing the Charter: A Guide to the 2020 Constitutional Amendments

Changing the Charter: A Guide to the 2020 Constitutional Amendments

Louisiana voters will decide on seven amendments to the state constitution in the November 2020 elections, along with an eighth ballot measure that deals with the legalization of sports gambling. While most of these measures will have little effect on the day-to-day lives of most citizens, two amendments have the potential to inflict long-term damage on the ability of state and local governments to provide basic services. 

The two harmful amendments are No. 4, which would change the rules that govern the state budget in ways that would force unnecessary cuts to education, health care and other basic state services; and No. 5, which allows manufacturing corporations to receive additional property tax breaks at the local level beyond the lavish tax incentives that already exist. 

“Louisiana’s recovery from Covid-19 will require long-term investments in education, workforce training, infrastructure and other building blocks of a strong and equitable economy,” LBP Executive Director Jan Moller said. “These amendments, passed in the midst of a pandemic when citizens could not access the Capitol, would make that recovery harder by tying the hands of future legislators and clearing the way for more tax giveaways.” 

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The other ballot measures deal with issues that include abortion, sports gambling, the allowable uses of the state’s rainy-day fund and the tax treatment of oil and gas wells. Additional information about the amendments is available from the Public Affairs Research Council and the Council for a Better Louisiana