The impact of Louisiana’s Earned Income Tax Credit by State House District

Posted on May 29, 2018

Thousands of low and moderate-income households in each Louisiana state house district benefit from the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Currently, Louisiana has one of the lowest state EITCs in the country at 3.5 percent of the federal EITC. A modest increase in the state EITC would help to offset a partial sales tax renewal and increase the earnings of working families across the state.

Click the links below to see how an increase in the state EITC would benefit families in the district of each member of the House Ways & Means Committee:

House District 1 – Rep. James “Jim” Morris

House District 9 – Rep. Dodie Horton

House District 14 – Rep. Jay Morris

House District 17 – Rep. Marcus Hunter

House District 18 – Rep. Major Thibaut

House District 28 – Rep. Robert Johnson

House District 35 – Rep. Stephen Dwight

House District 41 – Rep. Phillip DeVillier

House District 42 – Rep. John Stefanski

House District 46 – Rep. Mike Huval

House District 65 – Rep. Barry Ivey

House District 69 – Rep. Paula Davis

House District 79 – Rep. Julie Stokes

House District 81 – Rep. Clay Schexnayder

House District 97 – Rep. Joseph Bouie

House District 98 – Rep. Neil Abramson

House District 99 – Rep. Jimmy Harris

House District 101- Rep. Ted James

Click here for a pdf version.

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