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Senate health bill fails every litmus test

The Senate health bill would lead to 22 million more people uninsured nationally, including hundreds of thousands of Louisianans. It would raise average after-tax-credit marketplace premiums in Louisiana by 105 percent and it contains a glaring loophole that would mean people with pre-existing conditions would not be protected.

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NEW REPORT: The American Health Care Act Would Reverse Recent Coverage Gains and Strain Louisiana’s Budget

The American Health Care Act would be devastating for the state budget, health care providers and residents of all parts of the state.

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Tax bills fall short on revenue

While these bills would eliminate a costly and unorthodox tax break, they fall far short of the revenue that is needed to address the looming $1.3 billion fiscal cliff in 2018 and put the state budget back on a more sustainable path. In fact, passage of these bills - which would require a vote of the people - would make it harder for policymakers to solve the state’s structural revenue shortfall in a future special session.

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The Daily Dime

Louisiana’s pediatricians have pushed back hard against the Medicaid caps and cuts included in the Senate’s “health care” bill.

Number of the Day

35 - Percent cut to Medicaid over the next two decades under the Senate “health” bill. The cuts are projected to leave 15 million people without health insurance by 2026, with even more losing coverage during the following decade as cuts become more severe. (Source: Congressional Budget Office)

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Our Two Cents Blog

The Congressional Budget Office’s report on the Senate’s health-care bill made clear that its nationwide impact would be similar to that of the House-passed American Health Care Act. Now, with a multitude of state-level analyses available, it’s clearer than ever that the Senate’s Better Care Reconciliation Act would not, in fact, result in “better care” in Louisiana. Instead, it would cause a 120 percent increase in the number of Louisiana residents without insurance, a 105 percent increase in premiums for Louisiana consumers, deductibles up to $6,000, and the return of lifetime and annual limits on coverage.

Senators are reportedly negotiating changes to their health care bill. But none of the proposed changes address the core features of the bill: deep cuts to Medicaid that get worse over time, massive declines in coverage, and higher out-of-pocket costs for older and less-healthy consumers.

New data from the Urban Institute estimates that 410,000 fewer Louisianans would have health insurance under the Senate bill by 2022 compared to under current law. Forty-three thousand people would lose private insurance they bought on the individual marketplace and 384,000 fewer would be enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP. Of those who would lose coverage in the state, 1 in 7 are children.

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