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The Daily Dime is a summary of the day's news stories related to the state budget and issues that affect low- and middle-income individuals and families, compiled every business day by Louisiana Budget Project staff. Click here to have the Daily Dime delivered to your inbox.

With the federal government gridlocked, states across the country have adopted paid family leave policies to ensure that workers - particularly ones with low incomes - are able to take time off from work after a child is born or to care for an ailing relative.

Number of the Day

$250,000 -  Total fines assessed by the Louisiana Department of Health to the five private insurers that oversee care for most of the state’s Medicaid enrollees. The companies were cited for sloppy record-keeping. (Source: The Associated Press)

The real state of the economy

Posted on August 6, 2018
By some measures, the U.S. economy is faring better than it has in years. At 4.1 percent, second-quarter growth was the fastest acceleration in four years.

Number of the Day

14.5 - Percentage of Louisiana nursing home residents who were mentally ill in 2016. A federal legal settlement is aimed at reducing that figure. (Source: The Associated Press)

Farm bill heads to conference committee

Posted on June 29, 2018
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is one of the most important parts of our country’s safety net, and ensures that nearly 900,000 Louisianans each year have enough to eat.

Number of the Day

65 percent- Voters who said that continuing protections for people with pre-existing conditions is very important, if not the single most important health issue, for midterm candidates. (Source: Kaiser Family Foundation)

Louisiana slips in Kids Count ranking

Posted on June 28, 2018
The Annie E. Casey Foundation released its annual Kids Count data book on Wednesday, and the news is not good for Louisiana.

Number of the Day

29 percent -  The percentage of Louisiana children living below the poverty line, significantly higher than the national average of 19 percent. (Source: Annie E. Casey Foundation)

Fiscal cliff R.I.P

Posted on June 27, 2018
The Revenue Estimating Conference met Tuesday to update Louisiana’s revenue forecast by recognizing more than $500 million in general fund revenues approved by lawmakers during the last two special sessions.

Number of the Day

$1.4 billion - Amount of money in SNAP benefits that goes to Louisiana families each year, which are funded entirely by federal dollars. (Source: Department of Children and Family Services)
While the immediate threat of the fiscal cliff is finally gone, it’s important to remember that this week’s revenue deal failed to solve the long-term structural problems with Louisiana’s tax structure.

Number of the Day

-12,040 - Reduction in the number of white children under 10 in Louisiana between 2010 and 2017. (Source: U.S. Census via The Brookings Institution)

Sine Die and a sigh of relief

Posted on June 25, 2018
When the Louisiana House adjourned on Thursday, its members were hopelessly deadlocked over one-tenth of a penny of sales-tax renewal.

Number of the Day

3 - Special sessions of the Louisiana Legislature required to reach a revenue compromise that keeps most state services operating at current levels. (Source: Louisiana Legislature)

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