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NEW REPORT: The American Health Care Act Would Reverse Recent Coverage Gains and Strain Louisiana’s Budget

The American Health Care Act would be devastating for the state budget, health care providers and residents of all parts of the state.

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Tax bills fall short on revenue

While these bills would eliminate a costly and unorthodox tax break, they fall far short of the revenue that is needed to address the looming $1.3 billion fiscal cliff in 2018 and put the state budget back on a more sustainable path. In fact, passage of these bills - which would require a vote of the people - would make it harder for policymakers to solve the state’s structural revenue shortfall in a future special session.

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New LBP report: Pensions in the Parishes 2017

Altogether, Louisiana’s pension systems pay out more than $4 billion in benefits to 164,000 retirees and their families every year—an amount equivalent to 2 percent of all personal income in the state.

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The Daily Dime

The Senate’s proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act, released Thursday after weeks of secret deliberations, fails to meet the litmus tests that Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy established as a condition of his support.

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$262 Million- Projected savings from changes implemented in  the recently passed criminal justice reform package over 10 years, reducing the prison population by 10% overall.  (Source: Louisiana Justice Reinvestment Package via

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Our Two Cents Blog

The Senate health-care plan would be devastating for Louisiana families, care providers and the state budget while providing a massive tax cut for the ultra-rich. Instead of fixing the many problems with the House-passed American Health Care Act, the newest version makes them worse by calling for even deeper cuts to the Medicaid program.

When the House bill was approved, Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy rightly said that it went too far. “Congress’s focus must be to lower premiums with coverage which passes the Jimmy Kimmel test. The AHCA does not,” Cassidy said. The senator also has spoken of the importance of coverage: “If you want to be fiscally responsible, then coverage is better than no coverage,” he told The New York Times in March.

The Senate’s version of the bill – the “Better Care Reconciliation Act” – plainly fails the Jimmy Kimmel test and would reverse Louisiana’s historic health coverage gains:

  • It would end the Medicaid expansion, which has seen more than 431,000 Louisianans get health coverage since last July. Whether the expansion ends right away or more slowly, the result is the same: Hundreds of thousands of Louisianans – the vast majority of whom live in working families – would lose coverage, and the security that comes with it.
  • The bill drastically cuts and caps the entire Medicaid program, stripping coverage from an estimated 121,600 Louisianans who are covered through the “traditional” program, including children, people with disabilities and the elderly. As the New England Journal of Medicine noted just this week, Medicaid coverage reduces mortality and saves lives.
  • The Senate bill would raise premiums and deductibles for Louisianans who buy coverage in the individual marketplace by slashing tax credits and cost-sharing.
  • The bill guts consumer protections, potentially leaving people with pre-existing conditions without access to health care.

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