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The State of Working Louisiana

After years of decline and stagnation, the median wage in Louisiana rose 39 cents from 2012 to 2014 to $15.63 an hour, and Louisiana added 54,000 jobs over that time. More Louisianans had jobs than ever before, and wages for women gained ground on their male counterparts. Unfortunately, that is where the good news ends.

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The Daily Dime

Work vs. food assistance; Investing in children should be part of the debate; Poverty and brain development and; Chemical Association lawsuit continues to threaten revenue

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The Daily Dime is a summary of the day's news stories related to the state budget and issues that affect low- and middle-income individuals and families, compiled every business day by Louisiana Budget Project staff.

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Our Two Cents

No drop in poverty in 2014

Posted on September 17, 2015

by Steve Spires

Louisiana’s economy is improving by some measures. But the economic gains have failed to make a dent in the state’s shameful rate of poverty, according to new American Community Survey (ACS) data released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau.


Almost one in five Louisianans–about 896,000 people–lived below the poverty line in 2014.  The share of Louisianans living in poverty was the same as in 2013 — 19.8 percent. Louisiana had the third highest poverty rate last year, behind only Mississippi and New Mexico. 


An even higher rate of Louisiana’s children lived in poverty — 27.9 percent, statistically unchanged from the year before. That’s 306,000 children, enough to fill Tiger Stadium three times over. Compared to other states, Louisiana is losing ground. The Pelican State moved from having the fourth-highest child poverty rate in 2013 to the third-highest in 2014.



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